PJC & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers & Geologists Northern California

Concrete Lab

PJC & Associates, Inc. has a materials testing laboratory where we perform multiple ASTM tests for soils, concrete, grout, shotcrete and mortar. Our materials testing division provides full-scope soils and materials testing and special inspection services utilizing our certified/accredited/licensed laboratory facilities and personnel. Laboratory testing equipment is calibrated annually by representatives utilizing equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

PJC & Associaties, Inc. Lab Certifications

Welding: AWS Certified
Concrete: ACI
Concrete & Structural: ICC

Listed below are tests we perform.

Classification & Index Test

  • Moisture Content ASTM D-2216
  • Moisture & Density ASTM-2937 2.0-2.5″ dia
  • Moisture & Density 3.0″ dia
  • Liquid & Plastic Limits “PI” ASTM D-4318
  • Shrinkage Limit
  • Particle-Size Analysis ASTM D-422
  • Specific Gravity ASTM D-854
  • Specific Gravity +#4 sieve fraction ASTM C-127
  • Organic Content ASTM D-2974
  • Total Porosity
  • Pinhole ASTM D-4647 Method B
Strength Tests

  • Unconfined Compression ASTM D-22166
  • Soil Cement ASTM D-1633
  • Direct Shear ASTM D-3080
  • Torsional Ring Shear, Per Point ASTM D-6467
  • Triaxial Shear, Per Point
Moisture Density Relations

  • Modified Proctor Compaction ASTM D-1698
  • Modfied Proctor Compaction “Curve” ASTM D-1557
  • Curve Check Point
  • Cal-Impact California 216
Volume Change Tests

  • Consolidation ASTM D-2435
  • Readings for Curve
  • Constant Rate of Strain ASTM D-4186
  • Expansion ASTM D-3877 Modified
  • Air-dried Prior to Test, Added
  • Percent Collapse ASTM D-5333
  • Expansion Index “El” ASTM D4829
Permeability Hydraulic Conductivity

  • Constant Head, Rigid Wall
  • Triaxial w/back Pressure Sat.
  • Compatibility of Long Term Permeability
Other Tests

  • CR-Valve-Caltrans 301
  • Sand Equivalent Caltrans 217
  • Durability Index Caltrans 229
  • Caltrans Class II AB Spec Tests
  • Concrete Compression, 4 Cylinders
  • Grout Testing, 2 Prisms