PJC & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers & Geologists Northern California

About PJC & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers & Geologists

PJC & Associates, Inc. (PJC) is a geotechnical engineering and consulting firm that has been in business since 1990. PJC provides full geotechnical services and special inspection services, including concrete, reinforcing, welding, shear wall nailing, anchor bolt, bolt torque and masonry inspections, as wells as soils testing, materials testing to government agency capital improvements and to the private sector.

The owner, Patrick J. Conway, has 29 years of geological and geotechnical experience. Mr. Conway has a B.S. in Geological Engineering and an M.S. in Geotechnical Engineering. He is a licensed Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer and Engineering Geologist in the State of California.

PJC’s materials testing laboratory performs multiple ASTM tests for soils, concrete, grout, shotcrete and mortar. We provide inspections for soils, reinforced concrete, masonry, welding, structural bolting, post tension slabs and seismic resisting frames. Attached are copies of registrations and certifications from our employees. Engineers, geologist and field personnel all are updated with the current California Building Codes.
Quality is assured on each project first by having hired knowledgeable and reputable staff. In addition, projects are overseen by a geotechnical or civil engineer, who makes recommendations on design factors for projects. As construction ensues, field personnel issue daily reports that are perused and noted by a project engineer, with support given by the geotechnical and civil engineers in resolving any questions that arise. Construction and engineering reports are reviews and approved by geotechnical engineers.
PJC has a broad range of geologic, geotechnical and materials testing experience for residential structures, commercial buildings, water storage and conveyance facilities, highways, landslides on hillside developments throughout Northern California. Attached is a compilation of various completed projects. PJC & Associates, Inc. has been retained as engineer of record for the above-mentioned disciplines.